Electric Book Company

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Problems We Solve

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Learning Management Systems are great at managing the tasks of teaching.

PDF-based publishing is great in moving hardcopy pages into electronic pages.

E-Mail and the web are great in quickly moving 'stuff' around among users and educators.

But none of these technologies are focused on how users - students, educators, mentors, can use complex content in messaging. (How do you send a parabola to a friend?).

Electric Book focuses on turning content into addressable units that can be referenced and exchanged among users. We build publishing technology on the latest web and annotation standards with the intent of allowing persons to go beyond exchanging references to web pages - choosing to generate published content in a form that allows users to grab individual portions of a graphic, animation, or text, and exchange those references through on-line dialog.

Beyond published content, there also exists submissions from users that aren't suited for keyboard entry.

For users discussing freehand sketches, handwritten formulas, wiring diagrams, we streamline the movement of mobile-acquired content into the user community, either through a standard Learning Management System, or through a general purpose e-mail forum.

All without the need for a dedicated system administrator or special purpose hardware or software.

Electric Book Company focuses on those tough topics that require something more than a PDF page, keyboard, and mouse. So if you find that the best LMS, fanciest PDF, and existing web pages aren't enough in getting your communications across, we want to hear from you!