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Why we Read

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“We Read to Know We are not Alone”.

The words of C.S. Lewis should give us pause these days, especially as we find ourselves immersed in media in all its digital forms of sound, video, and text.

So much information, so many images, blogs, posts, and messages surround us, it is reasonable to ask the question, 'why read?'

I should first qualify the word 'read'. No tweets allowed

With the overwhelming volume of digitized words, from the 140 character-long 'tweets' to the incessant text messages dancing across our i-Phones and Blackberries, it is easy to say that we spend our day reading. But that kind exercise is often nothing more than a quick scan, a glance to discern if the characters before us demand any more than a passing thought.

Reading, real reading, is the immersion of our consciousness into the ideas, thoughts, and imagination of the writer. Real reading is work, effort to reconstruct the reasoning or emotional framework of the author. And successful reading occurs when the reader and the author connect through the message of what is written. Successful reading is, above all, that connection between reader and writer, a link that reminds us we are not alone in what we feel or consider important.

To be sure, the written word is often well-served with quality images, video, and sound. In many cases, these media are more effective at communicating emotion or interactions that defy even the best structure of nouns and verbs.

But when it comes to transfer of knowledge, nothing replaces the value of reading when fueled by the need to understand, to share the experience of the writer.

Our company is dedicated to the effective movement of ideas – be they expressed in scientific journals or well written prose. We deliver on this promise through the communities we serve, communities that share the interests or the goals of the writers whose content will be woven throughout the threads of community dialog

And we soon will be adding tools to support the seamless integration audio and video as embedded in publications. But all these services are designed to build on the reading experience.

We are proud to contribute our services to build the next generation of tools to support those who have a passion in the sciences, arts, business, or the humanities – enough passion to express innovative ideas through the highly crafted books, journals, or research articles they author. As long as people choose to express their ideas through the written word, we will be there with technology and tools to help carry those words through the community.

Our company is dedicated to the need to read in order to share, to be enlightened, or to learn from the experiences of others and we welcome those to our on-line communities who share that passion.

We are not alone.

We know this because we read.